Homeowners who have never filed an insurance claim may be anxious and uncertain about the procedures involved or the extent of their coverage. If your coverage includes "replacement cost" covering damage from hail or other violent storm factors, you are most likely entitled to a free inspection and adjustment from your insurance provider.

What's the first step?

Call your agent and advise him/her of the damage you have incurred. Remember, your agent works for you. They want you treated fairly and will assist you in your claim. Storm Tex Roofing estimators are keenly aware of the requirements of insurance providers and will work hand-in-hand with your insurance representative, and with you, to insure that you fully understand all aspects of your claims.

Who selects the roofing company?

You do. It is your choice of whom you want to propose and estimate for repair of replacement of your damaged roof. As long as you choose a reputable roofing contractor, most insurance agents will concur with your choice. Storm Tex Roofing estimators and office staff will provide necessary documents to your agent as required to assist in a fair and timely solution to your damage claim.

What if I think my settlement is unfair?

You are not bound to accept your insurance company's settlement if it is not fairly aligned with estimates of repair from reputable roofing contractors. If you require assistance on a proposal from Storm Tex Roofing, we will quickly provide your agent with whatever documentation on repair/replacement costs required.

How do I receive settlement?

In most cases the insurance company will make your insurance draft payable to you and your mortgage company. This is common practice. You simply send the check to your mortgage company for their endorsement. They will return it to you to pay whatever company you contracted to do the work.

What if I need additional help?

Please do not hesitate to call Storm Tex Roofing at (214) 770-9300 if you have other questions or concerns about estimates and/or insurance claims for damage repairs on your roof.